Tenox Website Ranked Grade A in FY2023 All Japanese Listed Companies’ Website Ranking

In the FY2023 All Japanese Listed Companies’ Website Ranking conducted by Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Nikko Investor Relations), Tenox Corporation’s corporate website was ranked grade A in the Standard Market Ranking.

「For its All Japanese Listed Companies’ Website Ranking, Nikko Investor Relations surveyed the websites of all 3,970 listed companies based on objective evaluation items selected from the three perspectives of how easy provided information is to understand, how easy the website is to use, and how extensive the provided information, which was done to check the extent of disclosure on all listed companies’ websites and foster an awareness of corporate disclosure. For fiscal 2023, awards were presented to 508 companies with a website ranked grade AAA, AA, or A in the All Markets Ranking, the top 5 companies in each sector, 100 companies listed on the Standard Market, and 31 companies listed on the Growth Market.

In addition to undertaking timely and appropriate disclosure so that all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, gain a deeper understanding of the company, Tenox will work to expand the content and functions of its website to make it easier for people to use.

See the following Nikko Investor Relations press release for detailed information on the ranking.
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