Tenox’s Businesses

As a company specializing in foundation construction, the Tenox Group mainly operates the following businesses.

  1. Pile construction, soil improvement construction, soil reinforcement construction
  2. Sales of steel pipe piles and concrete piles
  3. Overall consulting for civil engineering and construction

Japan is prone to frequent earthquakes. The majority of Japan’s main cities are built on soft ground located near water. Strict construction standards are enforced in response to issues such as the increasing size of buildings, the development of intelligent technology, earthquake resistance, enhanced seismic isolation, the increasing weight of buildings, and environmental issues. The Tenox Group handles foundation construction to support such buildings. Our Group is composed of experts in fields such as construction and civil engineering. Based on safe and reliable construction management, we have established system to sufficiently support all construction conditions.

The Future of Tenox

Due to the unique topography and geological features of each project, the same conditions are never encountered in foundation construction.

In order to clear such challenging conditions, the Tenox Group explores the various needs of the times, and accumulates extensive data related to soil and foundations. Furthermore, with a focus on technical capability built upon our broad network, we actively take on challenges as a corporation providing proposals and solutions, and seek to exist as a corporation that creates a brighter future.

Specifically, the Tenox Group is working to enhance our management base through strategies like the following.

  1. Strengthening of cost competitiveness
  2. Development and spread of construction methods to distinguish the Tenox Group
  3. Entry into new markets
  4. Improvement of business quality
  5. Cultivation of human resources for achieving the four items listed above

Through a combination of the strategies listed above, we will ensure thorough compliance and strengthen risk management, thus building corporate systems that can contribute to society by delivering peace of mind and safety to society through the business activities of the Tenox Group.