Narrow space/withdrawal resistance


NS ECO-PILE method is a foundation pile method in which rotational press-fitting is used for a steel pipe pile which has a steel plate (blade) that is processed into a spiral shape welded to the tip of the pile. Large-diameter piles are rotationally press-fitted via steel pipes using full rotation pile drivers, while medium- and small-diameter piles are driven by a self-propelled small pile driving machine. Similar to wood screws, the piles are penetrated into the soil via the propulsion of the tip blade.

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ATTcolumn Method

The ATTcolumn Method is a synthetic steel pipe pile method with large frictional force and high toughness in which a steel pipe pile with blades is embedded in a columnar improvement. In the construction field, the ATTcolumn has received Ministerial certification (indentation bearing capacity) and has been rated by the Center for Better Living (withdrawal bearing capacity). In the civil engineering field, the ATTcolumn has undergone technical evaluation by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, and can be applied to architecture and civil engineering structures.

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EAZET Method

Construction Methods

Pile Method

Ground improvement method