Tenocolumn ECO MethodUsing the Tenocolumn Eco Method to reduce construction costs.

About The Tenocolumn ECO Method

  1. developed with the aim of reducing foundation construction costs and decreasing environmental load.
  2. High-strength column method which is an evolution of the existing Tenocolumn method.
  3. How can conventional technology be used to increase the high strength of improved soil? Using large amounts of solidification material ⇒ Increase in construction expenses (material expenses) and generated remaining soil
  4. Achieved high strength by using the special admixture Herasel.
    Ultra-high concentration with a water/solidifying material ratio (W/C) of 45% to 50% in the solidifying material liquid.
    Reduction of residual soil generated during construction, high strengthening of improved soil, and achievement of construction efficiency.
  5. Through this method, we expect a reduction in the number of columns and a decrease in the foundation footing area.
  6. Makes it easy to achieve stable construction (securing strength) even with organic soil and loam.

Reducing the number of columns
Reduction of basic footing area

Example of minimum cost

Improvement effect of TenocolumnEco
Comparison of residual soil volume
(Top: Tenocolumn Bottom: TenocolumnEco)

Improvement effect of TenocolumnEco
(loam improvement, laboratory test results)

Construction Methods

Pile Method

Ground improvement method