Pure Pile MethodPile-shaped soil reinforcement method for detached homes

About The Pure Pile Method

Pure Pile Method is a soil reinforcement method for building high-quality cement milk pillars that do not contain soil by withdrawing the rod while injecting cement milk. Tenox possesses a construction record of over 50,000 projects, mainly in detached houses.


  1. Supports any soil characteristics.Unlike the soil improvement method, the soil and cement milk are not agitated and mixed. Therefore, it is possible to build high-strength and high-quality pillars in humus soil layers and viscous soil layers.
  2. Facilitates construction management.The special rod is rotationally press-fitted to the specified depth and withdrawal is completed while injecting cement milk. Fast and reliable construction is possible without loosening the ground.
  3. Almost no remaining soil.Since the straight rod has no soil removal mechanism, there is almost no remaining soil. This means that there is no need to secure a space for remaining soil, and the worksite and surrounding roads are not dirtied when carrying the soil out.
  4. Construction method providing cost advantages.Since the construction period is short and the cost of remaining soil treatment is low, it is possible to perform construction at a lower cost than the soil improvement method and blade steel pipe pile method used for housing foundations.
Purepile dug up(effective diameter 200 mm)

Construction Methods

  1. Alignment
  2. Rotational press fitting of the rod to a specified depth
  3. Holds for approx. 30 seconds while injecting cement milk
  4. Withdrawal while injecting cement milk
  5. Adjustment of pillar top level

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Construction Methods

Pile Method

Ground improvement method